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At Lextek International we pride ourselves on being able to construct efficient and high quality software and tools on a contractual basis. We work with teams of experts from a variety of different fields to develop software that is both fast and resource efficient.

Our development team has experience constructing text indexing and retrieval systems, document filters, routing and classification systems, optical character recognition, natural language processing systems (including morphological processing), and expert systems. We pride ourselves on our quality products and development services. We only use the most experienced software engineers to ensure efficient code and future maintainability. No matter what your advanced technology needs are, Lextek International's network of developers solve your technology needs.

We recognize that some projects have unique needs that can't be met by our standard libraries without additional programming. Our tech-support staff is there to assist you with your development projects. We can provide tips and strategies for how you might best provide your customers with the solutions that meet their needs. We want your project to be successful just as much as you do.

At Lextek we always are investing in continual technology development. We know a company that stands still is falling behind. Right now we have development teams working on refinements and optimizations for all of our existing products. We also have several exciting new products in development.

Not all of this development ends up in our products. However this technology may help our consultants solve your development problems faster than your own development team. We have large amounts of pre-developed code for dealing with statistical predictions, compression, parsing, automatic word breaking, part of speech labeling and other functions. Please call or email us with your development needs and see if our consulting team's previous development can help you with your own development needs.

Please feel free to contact Lextek International to see if we can solve your development needs. Our expert staff will do all that they can to help make your project a success.

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