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Onix Full-Text Indexing and Retrieval Toolkit -- Evaluation Version

You are welcome to contact us to receive the evaluation version of the Onix Full-Text Indexing and Retrieval Toolkit. The evaluation gives you full access to all of the features and functionality within the toolkit. The only difference between evaluation version and the full version is that the evaluation version is time limited. At the end of the evaluation period the toolkit will stop functioning.

When you contact us to download the library we will provide you with some access codes that unlock the library for the period of a month. If, at the end of the evaluation period, you still require more time to evaluate the toolkit contact us and we can provide new access codes. During your evaluation please feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding the toolkit.

The evaluation package includes DLLs, import libraries, and header files for both Borland and Microsoft compilers. It also includes versions for Solaris and Linux. We also include a sample program demonstrating the use of the API.

If you have specific platform needs please let us know and we may be able to provide an evaluation version for that specific system.

To receive your evaluation copy of the Onix Full-Text Indexing and Retrieval Toolkit send an email to for the unlock codes. Please also include your

phone number
fax number,
and a short description of your potential project.

This information will help us assist you to evaluate the Onix Full-Text Indexing and Retrieval Toolkit and show how it will let you achieve your project goals.

Onix Full-Text Indexing and Retrieval Toolkit Manual.

The manual is in HTML form and thus can be read with any HTML browser.

As you might expect, the entry page for the manual is index.html.

The manual is also available online.



These are simple demonstration programs written using the Onix Toolkit. Feel free to download them to aid you in your evaluation of the toolkit.

Indexer Demo (Command Line Demo for Windows)

This is some sample text you can use to test the demos on. It provides an easy test bed for the indexer.

Sample Text


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