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Specializing in Document Management and Information Processing

Lextek International is a supplier of advanced information retrieval and natural language processing technology. Our flagship Onix full text indexing and retrieval toolkit provides text processing solutions for clients ranging from individuals up to large enterprise projects. We not only provide text retrieval technologies but also classification and summarization solutions. Lextek International continues to invest in further research and development to enhance and expand our linguistic and information processing technologies.

Company Information

Founded in 1993, Lextek International was created to provide advanced full-text search capabilities and linguistic technologies.

Our clients encompass businesses from small start-up companies to large corporations such as, Apple Computer, Prodigy, Glaxo-Wellcome, and Motorola. Products created with our technologies cover business solutions ranging from individual needs on up to enterprise management and processing.

Our text indexing technologies have been used in document management systems and web based applications allowing these systems to index millions of documents with ease.

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Lextek International is located in beautiful Utah valley 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City.  With its proximity to universities and schools such as BYU, University of Utah, and others, Utah Valley is fast becoming the "other silicon valley".  Utah Valley is the home of such companies as Novell, Ameritech/Dynix, and PowerQuest.

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Art Pollard
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