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Online Language Identifier

This online version of our language identifier uses the exact same language identification technology as is used in the Windows version and in the development SDK. Please feel free to use it for your personal use or to link to it from your website. (We have provided some handy link source code for you here.)

How To Use

Paste a piece of text into the text box below, select the languages you would like to check against, and press the "Identify Language" button. The language identifier will then identify the language, provided that it was one of the languages you selected to check against.



All Languages Use all 260 language modules to test against all 260 languages and supported encodings. (It may take a moment to load this large number of languages.)
Major Languages English, French, German & Spanish





The online language identifier restarts every time a piece of text is submitted for identification. Due to the large number of language and encoding modules available, it might take a moment to load from disk all the appropriate language modules. (It takes much longer to load a language and encoding module than it does to actually do the language recognition.)


The online language identifier is licensed for personal use only. It is not intended for use for commercial purposes nor is licensed for commercial use. Lextek International reserves the right to suspend service to any individual, business, host or other entity if, in Lextek's judgment the use falls outside the purview of this license.