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Summarizes the text in a buffer. The text must be null terminated. You should strip all formatting in your text otherwise Brevity may be unable to determine what is a word from what is formatting text. To get the generated summary call either brGetSummary or brGetOffsets.


void brSummarizeBuffer( SumManagerT Summarizer, char *buffer, StatusCodeT *Status )


 Summarizer The Brevity summarizer object returned by brCreateSummarizer.
 buffer A pointer to a null terminated buffer of text.
 Status A pointer to a value of type StatusCodeT. If an error occurs during the execution of the function a value representing the error will be stored in *Status. You should check *Status after every function call.



Related Functions



// We assume you've already created a Brevity summarizer object

// named Brevity and specified a dictionary.


char *databuffer;

// Create a buffer approximately 32K in size

databuffer = (char *) malloc( sizeof(char) * 32000 );

if ( databuffer == NULL ) {

   printerror( eNoMemory );  // some constant for our error function 



// A function you write that puts your text into the buffer

GetText( databuffer );

ixSummarizeBuffer( Brevity, databuffer, &Status );

if ( *Status < 0 ) {

   printerror( Status );

   return; // error


// Code for getting the summary and printing it goes here


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