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liCloseLanguage -- Close a language module.


void liCloseLanguage(LextekLanguageIdentiferT LanguageIdentifer, char *LanguageName, int LangIDNum, StatusCodeT *Status)


LanguageIdentifer: A Language Identifier object that was allocated by liCreateLanguageIdentifier.

LanguageName: A pointer to a buffer containing the language's language identification string. (This must be a zero terminated string.)

LangIDNum: A integer containing the language's identification number.

Status: A pointer to a StatusCodeT object. (A signed long integer.)




liCloseLanguage allows you to to selectively close an open language identification module.

To close a language, you may specify it via its language identification string or by its language identifaction number. Either is optional. (Pass NULL as the LanguageName or 0 as the LangIDNum if you do not want to specify either.) However, you must specify one or the other so that the close routine is capable of recognizing the language module you want closed.

If an error occurs, the value of Status will be set appropriately.

When a language identification object is deleted, all remaining open languages will be closed automatically.

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