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liOpenLanguage -- Open a language identification module.


liOpenLanguage(LextekLanguageIdentiferT LanguageIdentifer, char *FileName, char *LangIDString, int *LangIDNum, StatusCodeT *Status)


LanguageIdentifer: A language identifier object. This is created by calling liCreateLanguageIdentifier.

FileName: A pointer to a buffer containing the file name of the language module to be opened. The filename must be zero terminated (with a 0 or 0x00).

LangIDString: A pointer to a character buffer. This should be at least 80 characters in length.

LangIDNum: A pointer to an integer.

Status: A pointer to a StatusCodeT object. (A signed long integer.)




liOpenLanguage opens a language and character set identification module. All language and character set identification modules are provided from Lextek as having a .lid extension.

For details on how language modules are named, be sure to read the section of this manual that deals with language module naming conventions.

Each module has its own language identification string and number which you can use for comparison purposes and for resolving the results from the language identifier.

When a language module is opened, its language identification string is placed in the buffer pointed to by LangIDString. Furthermore, its language identification number is returned in the integer pointed to by LangIDNum.

If there are any problems while opening the language module (such as running out of memory or the file specified not existing), an error code will be placed in the status code pointed to by Status.

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