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When displaying search results to a user, it is often useful to highlight the terms the user searched for making it easier to find the information they are interested in. Onix provides several routines which can assist in highlighting the search terms in retrieved portions of text. Onix's highlighting routines also support the wildcards just as the search engine does.

To use the highlighting routines, simply create a highlightmatcher using ixCreateHighlightMatcher, add each of the terms (wildcarded or not) you want to highlight to the highlight matcher using ixAddWildCardPatternToHighlightMatcher. To highlight the search terms in your text, simply parse out each word in the text and test it against the highlight matcher using the ixHighlightMatcherMatch. If the word matches, highlight it appropriately for whatever display system you are using. when finished with the highlight matcher, delete it using ixDeleteHighlightMatcher.


See Also

ixCreateHighlightMatcher, ixDeleteHighlightMatcher, ixAddWildCardPatternToHighlightMatcher, ixHighlightMatcherMatch