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void ixAddWildCardPatternToHighlightMatcher(HighlightMatcherT HighlightMatcher, UCharT *Pattern, size_t PatternLength, StatusCodeT *Status)


HighLightMatcher: A highlighter object returned by ixCreateHighlightMatcher.

Pattern: A string containing the pattern that the highlighter object will match.

PatternLength: The length of the pattern string.

Status: A pointer to a value of type StatusCodeT representing any error conditions.



If an error occurred, Status will be set to the error number.


You must add a pattern to the list of patterns matched by the highlight object with ixAddWildCardPatternToHighLightMatcher. You match patterns with the function ixHighlightMatcherMatch. You pass it a word and it will tell you if you ought to match it.

These functions are primarily provided to make it easy to highlight words in a document you display. You might wish to highlight in yellow the words that that user was searching for. Since users can search not only for words but also patterns using wildcards these functions will let you match anything that the user can search for. They are provided so that you don't have to write your own wildcard matching routines.

When you are finished with the highlight object you must delete it with a call to ixDeleteHighlightMatcher.

See Also

ixCreateHighlightMatcher, ixDeleteHighlightMatcher, ixHighlightMatcherMatch