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void ixConvertQuery2(UCharT *HexQuery, UCharT *TextQuery)


HexQuery: An empty buffer 2.5 times the size of the *TextQuery.

TextQuery: A query which is composed of standard ASCII characters.



If an error occurred, Status will be set to the error number.


ixConvertQuery2 converts a query composed of standard ASCII characters to the form expected by the retrieval engine.  Onix allows data to be indexed and searched with no limit as to what characters may be included in a word (including NULL characters and spaces).  This means however that a query of the form "dick & jane" becomes rather meaningless because the query parser could not then be able to tell where the end of one token begins or ends.  To overcome this problem, Onix expects query tokens to be represented in hexadecimal.  So, the query "dick & jane" would actually need to be given to Onix as "0x6469636B & 0x6A616E65".  ixConvertQuery2 helps by converting a query of the form used by "dick & jane" to the form which Onix recognizes.  ixConvertQuery2 however, will not convert the following characters to hexadecimal form SPACE, <, >, &, |, !, ", -, :nn, (, ), *, ?.

ixConvertQuery2 is basically equivalent to ixConvertQuery. The second form is so that it will have the right to left form of arguments so common in C/C++ programs and exists for historical reasons.

See Also

ixProcessQuery, ixConvertQuery