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BooleanT ixIsStopWord( OnixStopWordListT StopWordList, size_t PrefixLength, UCharT *Word, size_t WordLength)


StopWordList: A stop word list which was created by a call to ixCreateStopWordList.

PrefixLength: The length of any characters before the actual word (specified by Word) which should be ignored in the lookup.

Word: A pointer to the word's data.

WordLength: The length of the word in bytes.


BooleanTrue if the word is in the stopword list, BooleanFalse otherwise.


ixIsStopWord checks to see if the word Word is in the stopword list. During the lookup the number of characters specified by PrefixLength is ignored from the beginning of the word. The lookup is case sensitive and so for a word to match, it must match exactly (minus the prefix characters specified by PrefixLength) as it was entered into the stopword list (either by ixAddStopWord or ixAddStopWordList.)

If a match is found, ixIsStopWord returns BooleanTrue and if a match is not found, it returns BooleanFalse.

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