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void ixMakeIndexActive(OnixIndexManagerT IndexManager, OnixIndexingEngineT Indexer, StatusCodeT *Status)


IndexManager: An index manager created by a call to ixCreateIndex, with an open index and indexing session currently active.

Indexer: The indexing engine which was created by a call to ixStartIndexingSession



If an error occurred, Status will be set to the error number.


ixMakeIndexActive takes the indexing data which has been processed after first calling ixStartIndexingSession, then indexing a series of data, and finishing by a call to ixFinalProcessIndex() and makes it part of the index as a whole. ixMakeIndexActive() modifies the index structure so there should not be any accesses to the index during the time that this function executes. All index managers across all processes and threads which access the index need to reload the index either by calling ixCloseIndex then ixOpenIndex or by calling ixReloadIndex(). The idea behind ixMakeIndexActive is to isolate all the modifications to the main index structure to a single call which can be executed quickly. Otherwise, ixEndIndexingSession does the same thing as ixFinalProcessIndex followed by a call to ixMakeIndexActive. ixFinalProcessIndex processes all the temporary index data separately from the main index so that the index may be accessed without corruption while it is running. ixFinalProcessIndex must be called before ixMakeIndexActive for the call to be successful. ixMakeIndexActive typically runs extremely quickly. For a distributed index times range from 10-20ms (more or less depending on the system). For a non-distributed index, times are more as the new index data needs to be copied into the main index file. The time that this takes will depend heavily on the amount of data indexed, the speed of your hard drive(s), and the OS.

See Also

ixFinalProcessIndex, ixEndIndexingSession