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ixRetrieveRecordData(OnixIndexManagerT IndexManager, UCharT *DataBuff, size_t DataBuffSize, size_t *ReturnedDataSize, RecordNumT RecordNum, OnixDataCursorT *DataCursor, StatusCodeT *Status)


IndexManager: An index manager which has an open index (ixOpenIndex) and which has a retrieval session (ixStartRetrievalSession) in progress.  The index must also have data associated with each of the records.

DataBuff: Pointer to the data buffer where you would like the record's data placed.

DataBuffSize: The size of the buffer DataBuff in bytes.

ReturnedDataSize: The number of bytes which were returned and placed in the buffer DataBuff.

RecordNum: The record number of the record for which we want to obtain the data.

DataCursor: A "Cursor" which keeps track of internal information just in case the data stored with the record RecordNum is larger than the size of DataBuff.  If all of the data associated with the record has been returned, the Done value of DataCursor will be set to BooleanTrue (otherwise, it is set to BooleanFalse).

Status: A pointer to a value of type StatusCodeT representing any error conditions.



If an error occurred, Status will be set to the error number.


ixRetrieveRecordData retrieves a block of data associated with the record RecordNum.  The size of the returned data will be placed in the value *ReturnedDataSize.  If the data is larger than DataBuff (DataBuffSize) , you may use the DataCursor and one or more calls to ixRetrieveMoreRecordData to obtain the rest.  When all the data for a record has been retrieved, the BooleanT value Done in the DataCursor is set to BooleanTrue.  Please note that all the other values placed in Cursor will have no particular meaning to your program as they simply make reference to internal states rather than to information which is useful outside of Onix.

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