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void ixSeNormalizedHits( OnixIndexManagerT IndexManager, BooleanT Normalize, StatusCodeT *Status )


IndexManager: An index manager as returned from ixCreateIndexManager.

Normalize: A boolean representing whether the ranked queries should be normalized.

Status: A pointer to a value of type StatusCodeT representing any error conditions.




The ranking methods used by Onix utilize the most accurate methods possible. However the returned results do not represent a probability of how likely the returned document is the document you were looking for. Instead the number represents a complex mathematical value. Most users, however, expect some value between zero and one representing how relevant a document is.

This function converts the weights returned by ixGetQuery to a normalized form. It uses was is called an RMS weighting scheme that is based upon what the "typical" weight is. This is a reasonable way of setting the returned weights to be something your users might expect.

By default Onix does not normalize the returned weights. The weights will thus depend upon the nature of the query. You can, if needed, generate your own normalization routines using these values.

See Also

ixSetMaxRankedHits, ixProcessQuery