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void ixVectorAddHit( OnixResultVectorT ResultVector, RecordNumT RecordNum, WordNumT WordNum, StatusCodeT *Status)


ResultVector: A vector which has been created by ixCreateResultVector.

RecordNum: The record number of the hit you want to add to the vector.

WordNum: The word number of the word within RecordNum you are adding to the result vector.  (1 if you have and index that doesn't store word numbers.)

Status: A pointer to a value of type StatusCodeT representing any error conditions.



If an error occurred, Status will be set to the error number.


ixVectorAddHit is useful to insert "Hits" into a query vector.  A "hit" is one entry in the query vector.  In order for ixVectorAddHit to succeed, it is important that:

1) The ResultVector was created by ixCreateResultVector

2) The vector should not have been rewound by a call to ixVectorRewind or have been otherwise modified by a call to ixVectorCurrentHit, ixVectorNextHit, or ixVectorPreviousHit.

3) All entries in the result vector should be in ascending order.

In other words, insertions into the ResultVector should be one autonomous operation in ascending order and once you are finished adding entries, you can then view the contents of the vector by calls to ixVectorCurrentHit, ixVectorNextHit or ixVectorPreviousHit.

IMPORTANT: Note #3 above.  All entries in the result vector must be in ascending order.  If they are not, boolean operations using the result vector will fail and unpredictable results will occur.  (Generally a result vector will be returned with totally erroneous results.)

Also note that before using the vector, it will need to be rewound using ixVectorRewind.

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