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OnixQueryVectorT ixVectorOr( OnixQueryVectorT Vector1, OnixQueryVectorT Vector2, StatusCodeT *Status)


Vector1: Vector of type OnixQueryVectorT.

Vector2: A second vector of type OnixQueryVectorT.

Status: A pointer to a value of type StatusCodeT representing any error conditions.


A vector of type OnixQueryVectorT that has all the hits that are in Vector1 and not Vector2.

If an error occurred, Status will be set to the error number.


ixVectorNot is use to perform a boolean NOT between two query vectors of type OnixQueryVectorT.  The boolean NOT in this case is defined as Vector1 NOT Vector2.  The results being all of the records which are in Vector1 which are NOT in Vector2.  This function is useful if you are intending on manually processing your queries in addition to or in substitution to Onix's query method ixProcessQuery.  You can see what the results of the boolean NOT are by a call to ixNumHits.*

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