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If you are building an end user application, it is often useful to be able to present to a user the words in the wordlist as part of their search dialog. This can make it much easier for a user to be able to find the terms they are trying to search upon -- especially if they are unsure of the spelling. This is often presented to the user as a scrolling box that lists the best match to the word the user is currently entering.

Onix allows you to access its wordlist and view not only the words that are in an index but their record and word counts as well.

Navigating the wordlist is fairly simple. You use ixFindKey to find a given word in the wordlist. (If the word is not found, the cursor is placed on the next largest word.) From this point, ixPreviousKey, ixNextKey, and ixCurrentKey may all be used to either view the current word or the previous and next words in the index. Each of these calls also returns the number of records the word occurs in as well as the total number of times the word occurs.

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