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void prIndexWord(ProfilingEngineT ProfilingEngine, WordTypeT *Word, StatusCodeT *Status);


ProfilingEngine: The profiling object you created with prCreateProfilingEngine.

Word: Pointer to a word structure of type WordTypeT which contains the word you are indexing and its length.

Status: A pointer to a value of type StatusCodeT representing any error conditions.



If an error occurred, Status will be set to the error number.


prIndexWord() puts records a word into the index with its location. This is the frequently call function in the SDK since it is what allows the Profiling Engine to determine the contents of your document.

To index a word you pass a pointer to a structure of type WordTypeT. Several of the fields in WordTypeT are for future expansion or call compatibility with our Onix indexing engine. There are only two fields you need to fill out. The Word field contains a string with the text you wish to index. Note that this string need not be NULL terminated, although it can be if you wish. Further the string can contain NULL characters as the Length field determines the length of the string rather than the location of a NULL. This allows you to index any arbitrary byte stream. You can thus index unicode or other non-ASCII character sets or even arbitrary byte streams.

When you call prIndexWord() the Profiling Engine increments the word location. If you need to index multiple words at the same location use prIndexWordSpecial(). You may wish to do this to store variations on the same word - such as the original word and a spelling corrected form of the word. Some people also store multi-linguistical forms of the words, store case sensitive and insensitive data, stemmed forms of the word or even synonymous words.

The word location is incremented with each call to prIndexWord() until prIncrementRecord() is called, starting a new record or prResetProfiler() which removes all records and starts a new one.

See Also

prIndexWordSpecial, prResetProfiler, prResetProfilerQueryParser