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void prIndexWord(ProfilingEngineT ProfilingEngine, WordTypeT *Word, ULongT Flags, StatusCodeT *Status)


ProfilingEngine: The profiling object you created with prCreateProfilingEngine.

Word: Pointer to a word structure of type WordTypeT which contains the word you are indexing and its length.

Flags: a long integer containing any flags about the indexed word.

Status: A pointer to a value of type StatusCodeT representing any error conditions.



If an error occured, Status will be set to the error number.


prIndexWordSpecial() is the same as prIndexWord() but allows you to pass in flags telling the Profiling Engine how you want the word indexed. The allowable flags are


More flags will be added in future versions of the SDK.

IX_IGNORE_ENTRY does nothing. In general you should never need to call it.

IX_SAME_AS_LAST_ENTRY indexes a word at the same word location as the last indexed word. This lets you index multiple words in the same place. If you need variations of the same word to be in the same word location you must call prIndexWordSpecial with this flag. You might do this if, for instance, you are indexing both the word found in a document and a spellcheck corrected version of the word.

Other uses include indexing other forms of a word, such a stemmed forms of the word, mixed case, or even synonymous words.

Word is a pointer to a structure of type WordTypeT. This structure contains information about the word. Many of the fields are left for future expansion. The important fields you must set are the Word and the Length. While the Word can be a regular C string, it need not be. (i.e. your string can contain zeros in it). Length must be set to the length of the string you put into Word.

See Also

prIndexWord, prIncrementRecord