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Converts an ASCII character to it's hex form. Use this if you are writing your own query conversion function. In general though it is easier to simply call rxConvertQuery. Note that this function does not put the leading "0x" in the string. You have to do that yourself.

If you are writing your own hexadecimal query, make sure that you do not convert the query operators to hex.

The output hex form is not null terminated but is a two character string. If you wish it null terminated allocate a three character string and make the third character a null (0). rxCharToHex will not overwrite this character. (If you use strcpy to copy it you must have it null terminated)


void rxCharToHex( UCharT C, UCharT *Output )


C The character to convert
Output A string containing the hex form of the character.



Related Functions

rxCharToHex, rxHexToChar, rxAddQuery


void MakeHexWord( char *hex, char *word) {

   char  *hloc = hex;

   char  *wloc = word;

   char  temphex[2];  

   strcpy( hex, "0x");   // add the hex prefix

   hloc += 2;

   while( *wloc != 0 ) {

      rxCharToHex( *wloc, temphex );

      memcpy( hloc, temphex, 2);

      hloc += 2;




   *hloc = 0;  // null terminate our hex word



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