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Tells RouteX to end a field. All words sent to RouteX after this will not be part of the specified field.


void rxEndField( RouteX Router, char *FieldName, int Length, StatusCodeT *Status )


Router The RouteX object you are deleting
FieldName The name of the field you are starting.
Length The length in bytes of the field name.
 Status A pointer to a value of type StatusCodeT. If an error occurs during the execution of the function a value representing the error will be stored in *Status. You should check *Status after every function call.



Related Functions

rxStartDocument, rxEndDocument, rxStartField


void HandleAddress( char *address, FILE *doc )


   char   word[50];

   rxStartField( Router, "EMAIL", strlen( "EMAIL"), Status );

   if ( *Status < 0 )


   // getword is some function that scans a file for the next word

   while( getword( doc, word ) != EOF ) {

      rxProcessWord( Router, word, strlen( word ), Status );

      if ( *Status < 0 )




   rxEndField( Router, "EMAIL", strlen( "EMAIL"), Status );



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