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Sends RouteX a word from a document to include in it's routing index. You are responsible for parsing the documents yourself and can send the words you choose to RouteX. This means that you can skip anything irrelevant to routing needs. (Binary data for example) You can also specify that words are part of a field by calling rxStartField and rxEndField.

Note that the function does not assume that the word is null terminated. This means that you can send unicode or binary data to the router.

Also note that if you wish the router to be case insensitive you must make the word lowercase yourself.


void rxProcessWord( RouteX Router, char *Word, int Length, StatusCodeT *Status )


Router The RouteX object you are deleting
Word The word you are sending to the router as being part of a particular document.
Length The size in bytes of the word you are sending to the router.
Status A pointer to a value of type StatusCodeT. If an error occurs during the execution of the function a value representing the error will be stored in *Status. You should check *Status after every function call.



Related Functions

rxStartDocument, rxEndDocument, rxStartField, rxEndField


void SendWord( char *word )


   // only send the word if there is a word

   if( word[0] == 0 ) 


   // we want the routing to be case independent, so make the word lowercase

   strlwr( word );

   rxProcessWord( Router, word, strlen( word ), Status );

   // the function calling us can check Status



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