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List of Types Used by RouteX


A struct containing the offset to the start of a sentence in your buffer or file that you passed to Brevity.

You pass a pointer to this type to brGetOffset to get a list of significant sentences. Generally you will allocate an array of SentenceListT to hold the sentences that brGetOffset returns. See the sample code in that function for more information.

typedef struct {

  size_t start;

  size_t length;

SumManagerT A pointer to a void. You create a variable of this type which becomes the object containing all of the data that Brevity uses to summarize your text. Most of the Brevity functions require that you pass them this object.
StatusCodeT A long. You pass to most functions a pointer to this type to return any error states Brevity encountered. If a function fails your variable will hold a value representing the type of error that occured.

Error Codes Used by RouteX

Brevity uses a variable of type StatusCodeT to hold an error state. After any function call you should check the value of this variable. If it is non-zero then something is wrong. The following constants define some of the possible types of error that Brevity can return.

Full                  =  4;  // Whatever you have been working with is full.

EndOfHitList          =  1;  // We are at the end of a list

eNoError              =  0;  // NoError;

eNoMemory             = -1;  // Not enough memory

eReadOnly             = -2;  // File is read only

eReading              = -3;  // Error reading from file

eWriting              = -4;  // Error writing to file

eSeeking              = -5;  // We were not able to seek where we wanted

eFileNotFound         = -6;  // Not able to find the file

eAcces                = -8;  // File is locked by another process

eFileExists           = -9;  // File already exists

eCantDeleteFile       = -10; // For some reason the file can't be deleted

eOpeningFile          = -11; // Can't open the file specified

eClosingFile          = -12; // Can't close the file specified

eMagicNumberMismatch  = -13; // File is not index file or is corrupt

eIndexLocked          = -14; // Index is locked by another process

eNoCurrentKey         = -15; // No current key

eEndOfWordList        = -16; // End of the wordlist

eIndexNotLoaded       = -17; // The index isn't loaded

eGeneralError         = -37; // Unlisted error

eInvalidPasscode      = -42; // An invalid license passcode was entered.  

eDeletingFile         = -44; // Sorry, can't delete the file.



rxQueryData   aQuery;

char          document[255];

rxGetFirstHit( Router, document, &aQuery, Status );

if( ( *Status < 0 ) || ( *Status == EndOFHitList ) )


// iterate through all the other routing

while( *Status == 0 ) {

   // a function you'd write to act on the routing information

   TakeAction( document, aQuery.Action );

   rxGetNextHit( Router, document, &aQuery, Status );  



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